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The 2013 Global Summit, held in Seoul, Korea, was nothing short of inspiring. The jaw-dropping performances and immaculate venue added pizzazz to an event that was already brimming with enthusiasm. When 4,000 Synergy Team Members come together, there is an undeniable energy.

A huge thank you to leaders and staff in Korea who organized a monumental event that will go down in Synergy WorldWide history. This extraordinary team created the perfect atmosphere in which to congratulate Team Members for their hard-earned advancements.

The week started with city tours, where Team Members spent the majority of the day exploring historic and cultural landmarks. Later that evening, Team Members who achieved Team Director and above gathered for a VIP Reception in the Coex Conference Center, complete with delicious catering and unique musical performances.

Day two began with country meetings and proceeded into the opening session, where each country paraded across an extravagant stage set before thousands of their peers, friends, and above all, Synergy family. All who attended felt the pride each Team Member has for their country and for this incredible company. Dr. Stacey Bell kicked off the official launch of SLMsmart, Synergy’s weight management system, in Korea. All SLMsmart products and other swag were available for purchase in the Synergy store.

Throughout the course of the event, Team Members witnessed the talent of world-class performers, viewing a laser light show, drummers, vocalists and other authentic Korean musical numbers.

All Team Members who rank advanced were put in the spotlight on the final day, and some were celebrated in an explosion of confetti, smoke and applause. Five were recognized for achieving presidential status and above, while seven Team Members were ushered into the Million Dollar Club.

Double Presidential
• Hwang Han Tae
• Hwang Yoon Tae

• Mads Østvang
• Park, Young Ok
• Kim, Bok Jong

Million Dollar Club Inductees
• Park, Young Ok
• Kim, Bok Jong
• Hakan Cetin
• David Johnston
• Scott Brumfield
• Marty & Heather Holker

While many individuals were celebrated during this ceremony, it was truly a celebration for the many achievements ALL of Synergy’s Team Members have had across the globe.

Connected as a global company, we felt support and passion from each market, and know this passion is what keeps Synergy WorldWide thriving year after year. Our Team Members are the lifeblood of the company, and it was truly a privilege to join with so many of you and build momentum for the coming year.

Until we meet again!



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