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Should I drink ProArgi-9+ with or without food?

Should I mix ProArgi-9+ with hot or cold water?

I have milk allergies and I see that ProArgi-9+ contains casein. Can I still take it?

Can children take ProArgi-9+?

I have blood sugar concerns. Can I take ProArgi-9+?

What types of sweeteners are used in ProArgi-9+?

Is the fructose in ProArgi-9+ Mixed Berry safe?

Is the formulation of ProArgi-9+ the same in the US and Europe?

Will ProArgi-9+ affect my blood pressure levels?

How will ProArgi-9+ affect my athletic performance?

Where does Synergy get the arginine and citrulline found in ProArgi-9+?

How quickly should I drink ProArgi-9+ after mixing it with water?

ProArgi-9+ contains vitamin K—can I take it if I’m also taking blood thinners?

Why does ProArgi-9+ contains vitamin K2 instead of K1?

Is ProArgi-9+ suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

Does the red wine extract in ProArgi-9+ contain alcohol?

ProArgi-9+ seems to give me diarrhea and gas—is that normal?

Can I give ProArgi-9+ to my pets?

How should I store ProArgi-9+?

Other Products

Is Mistica pasteurized?

Does e9 have the same benefits as ProArgi-9+?

How much caffeine is in e9?

Can children drink e9?

Quality Assurance

What measures does Synergy WorldWide take to ensure product quality?

Are Synergy products “organic”?


Can you recommend supplements for my medical condition?

Can I use a supplement once it has expired?

Can I take more than the labeled dosage recommendation?

How can I find out the amounts of components in a proprietary blend?

Can children use Synergy WorldWide supplements?

Can I replace my prescription medications with dietary supplements?

Will Synergy WorldWide supplements interact with my prescription medications?


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